West Australian born artist-sculptor Ben Hellewell, found his unique style & expression through an 'imaginative collaborative' with the natural world that surrounds and emanates through him.


More specifically, the coast lines and creek beds that he spends much of his time passionately exploring, in a meditative search through his unique lense. This Allows his depth of imagination and child like inquisitiveness to see the boundless beauty in the meticulously selected pieces of driftwood & weathered timbers, that quite literally speak to him, through a largely forgotten language that through his fine skill he is able to translate across to the viewer. 


Igniting people's imagination into a more present and intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds us, is the intention at the core of his work. 

As his artwork imbues the understanding that we are not separate from nature, we are in fact a fundamental part of it. 


Each piece speaks, inviting you to tune in and listen.


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