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West Australian born, Myocum- based emerging artist and sculptor, Ben Hellewell has developed a unique style, self-describing his work as an “imaginative collaboration” with the natural world.


An avid explorer, Hellewell spends much of his time in a meditative search foraging for his ‘treasure’ along our vast coastlines and  creekbeds. An instinctive vision and child- like inquisitiveness enable him to transform his meticulously selected driftwood pieces and beautifully weathered timbers into unique works of art. 

The great Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”. Similarly, Hellewell’s unique intuition engages with the untold stories of these foraged timbers, giving them a second life, a second purpose and a new stage for appreciation. Ultimately his works encourage the viewer to ponder the idea that humans are not separate from nature but a fundamental part of it. 


‘East of Everywhere’ is Hellewell’s first exhibition.



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