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Cameron Foggo is a New Zealand artist and designer now based in Byron Bay. A second-generation furniture designer, Foggo’s early career adopted the traditional apprentice-to-designer path.

Establishing his own studio in 2007, Foggo has become known for his refined, elegant and functional pieces. Turning to art, his early work paid homage to Renaissance masters. Eventually, this led to his more recent experiments with Gerhard Richter- esque blurred imagery. Foggo’s art works are as unique as they are varied in style and theme.

His latest mixed media works incorporate silk-screen printing and painting and have been described as having a nostalgic quality reminiscent of old printed photographs.
Foggo gained a Diploma in Visual Communication Design, studying at The Auckland Society of Arts, and Wellington Design School.  Since 1991 he has held numerous exhibitions in New Zealand and Australia including at the Auckland Society of Arts and at galleries in Christchurch, Melbourne, and Byron Bay. He brings an unpretentious and humanised quality to a wide range of projects that have included architectural collaborations, contemporary furniture design and private commissions.



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