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Davide Balduzzi is an Italian photographer, based in Byron Bay, Australia.

For the past few years he’s wandered into the world, camera in hand, trying to expose the primal essence of the places he visits and the people he meets. Drawn to the dark, troubled side of humanity, he often finds himself on society’s outskirts, amongst the poor and the homeless. He seeks to capture these souls without pretension or cynicism, merely to cast light on the shadows; to exhibit the suffering buried deep within all of us.

Recently, Davide has had a first hand glimpse of this suffering, when a Great Dane, in a misguided attempt to protect her new puppies, attacked him, biting his face and leaving him with a permanent scar. After a few solitary weeks in bed recovering from surgery, he began to wander back into the world with his camera, gratefully experiencing a renewed passion for photography, which has proven to be a vital element of his healing process.

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