Donna Malone is a visual artist based in Yuggera Country (Brisbane) and Bundjalung Country (Far North Coast NSW). Shortlisted and highly commended in many Australian art prizes, Malone has focused her attention on cultivating a dynamic practice based in drawing. Using materials and inspiration from her environment, the artist engages in a reciprocal process that is open and responsive. Both formally educated and mentored, the artist has a career spanning several decades that includes both exhibitions and residencies across Australia, Europe, USA, India and most recently in Barcelona, Spain.

In describing her practice the artist states “For me Drawing is not just the art of measuring and putting down, it is also the act of receiving. When the language of Drawing is open, I experience and respond to an energy coming from behind the given set of appearances.  The work is ‘done’ when the piece is still alive and conversing, when it hasn’t been laboured over or silenced, when I am still able to hear it breathe.”