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Peek Gallery is excited to present the work of painter Kurt Herrmann whose abstract compositions (which he calls "Color Bombs") have brought him international acclaim. Hailing from Pennsylvania’s Appalachian mountain range, Herrmann enlivens canvases with his own unique and vibrant perceptions of the American topographical and cultural landscape. With elements reminiscent of Henri Matissse, Joan Miro, Mirka Mora, as well as Frank Stella, Herrmann's navigation of shape, colour, memory, and emotion yields powerful vistas that transport us into his fantastical reflection of our own beautiful world. 


Herrman's latest work focuses on the impact of shape, colour, and scale to communicate sensations drawn from his upbringing and experiences of different natural landscapes around the world. Herrmann also creates highly detailed narrative based work. He visually references everything from Shakespearean tragedy to cowboys and rattlesnakes in a way comparable to the character driven images of American painter Faith Ringgold, but with a poignantly absurd edge akin to New Zealand-born, Australian icon Reg Mombassa. Altogether Herrmann's practice is a joyful expression of raw creativity that provides a new way of seeing the elements that make up our personal histories.

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