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Born in Melbourne, Warren Fox has been honing his art and illustration practice for more than 28 years. As a hyperreal artist, Fox focuses on the meticulous details found in people and nature. The elemental aspects of these environments have been brought to life by Fox’s ‘Two Original’ concept. An art-form that fuses the formal craft of his hyper-realistic drawings with the depth of the captured image. Working mostly in stripped-back black and white, Fox visually engages the viewer in a single moment. That decision when an artwork is truly complete. Challenging the notion of what makes an artwork finished, he boldly steps into the unknown by tearing his cherished illustrations, combined with the photograph in half. From a brave act, emerges a new creation.

A decade of practice in the UK, led to Fox’s crafted pencil illustrations presented to BAFTA in London. It shortly followed Fox’s first ‘Two Original’ collaboration with New York photographer Martin Schoeller. This sparked the start of this concept and after returning to Australia. Fox joined with iconic Sydney artist Gary Heery, illustrating a Cockatiel from Gary Heery’s ‘Bird Collection’ In recent years, he has recently turned his focus on the Honu - Sea Turtle and the Leopard Shark with award-winning ocean photographer Craig Parry. In 2019 Fox was selected as one of only seven artists for British Petroleum’s (BP) 100th Year Centenary Celebrations 2019 and in the same year was a finalist in Melbourne’s prestigious Mission to Seafarers Maritime Exhibition.


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